Erika Nolte | About me
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About me

Colourful backgrounds, ephemeral abstract spaces, in which time flows and space floats up.

Different shapes dispute the leadership to color itself. Graphics trying to shape out of the background, but they end up melting together creating a dizzy atmosphere.

It is a world in which like the dreams, ranges between the reality and imagination.

Mixing different technics in a work, searching for relations between evidence and interpretation, between figurative and abstraction.

(+34) 629 410 403

We live in a world where everything is in constantly fusion. I have the need to mix all these dualities and create an image out of a logical context. It is just a part of a small world or personal view.

It is the viewer, who through his own subjective experiences will build the meaning of the work itself.

Click to watch the interview I did when I won the Interesarte award at the 83 Salón de Otoño in Madrid.

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