Erika Nolte | I synthesize life through abstract strokes and gestures
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Erika Nolte Signature

Little About Me

Like everything in life, I’ve been going through different facets in my painting, both at a pictorial and thematicĀ level.

Every day, I’m more and more interested in grasping the essence and obviating the details.

I feel this need to synthesize life through abstract strokes and gestures, Ā  impregnating the canvas or wood with my feelings, colors, forms where everything begins to mix to get the deepest of my being. My attempt to decipher reality to the blows of inspiration.

My work is, therefore, a short biography of my own life. I am interested in SPACE, I recreate in it trying to bring it to life and integrating it into forms, figures, characters, and objects.

I like the viewer to be reflected there, within that space and interacting with it.